Employee Spotlight: Emerson Mahinay

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Meet Emerson Mahinay, the Immigration Case Specialist at Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. Emerson started his career at Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. in August 2020 and has a bright future ahead. Emerson is a licensed paralegal and also a licensed immigration consultant (RCIC). He comes with three years of work experience as a paralegal and ten months of experience as a self-employed RCIC. He joined Springwind Immigration in order to learn, grow and contribute to the business. 

It’s tough to put into words Emerson’s importance, but the reason we’re featuring him on our blog this month is to showcase our appreciation for his efforts. Emerson has already established quite a reputation amongst employees who know him as well as among our clients.

What makes Emerson unique is that he can identify areas where Office File Management can be improved and takes the initiative to find and build solutions. 

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Emerson Mahinay

We admire the fact that he has an excellent work ethic and continually strives to become independent in his tasks in order to contribute to the overall growth of the business. 

There are even occasions where Emerson has offered to come to the office despite normal work hours or virtual meetings because of a client’s request. 

In merely a week, Emerson has already reached out to clients and helped bring work to the business through his hard work and dedication. He goes the extra mile, takes the initiative, and makes Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. look good.

It is evident that Emerson has genuine care and concern for Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc., and we absolutely love the integrity and commitment with which he works.

Just like Emerson, at Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc., we take great pride in providing immigration services to clients across Scarborough, North York, Toronto, Richmond, Markham, within Canada, and worldwide. We offer quick, credible, and affordable solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. So, the next time you’re looking for a professional immigration company in Scarborough, Toronto, get in touch with us by clicking here or visit our website


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