Removal Order

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What is a removal order?

A removal order is a document that orders you to leave Canada. We have three types of removal orders. Of course, the consequences of each are different.

What are the three types of removal orders?

Departure Order: The individual (person concerned) must leave Canada within 30 days of the issuance of the departure order. If the person concerned does not comply the departure order will escalate into a deportation order. If you receive a Departure Order, you must leave Canada and report your departure to CBSA. However, you do not need an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) because of a Departure Order. There are exceptions to this order such as:

  • having conditional removal order; stay of removal order; pending appeal to IAD;
  • Minister’s stay;
  • Pending judicial review;
  • Pending pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA);
  • Pending humanitarian and compassionate considerations (H&C);
  • Detention or imprisonment.

Exclusion Order: This removal order requires individuals (person concerned) to leave Canada with restrictions. These include being barred from re-entering Canada usually for 1 year OR 5 years if the reason for the removal order was due to a serious offence such as misrepresentation. However, you may return to Canada within the barred period if IRCC approves your ARC application.

Deportation Order: An individual (person concerned) subjected to this removal order is permanently barred from entering Canada. This type of removal order is issued for the most serious offences such as, violating human or international rights; criminality and serious criminality, organized criminality, revoked citizenship, and failing to comply with a departure order. However, you may return if you receive a positive response to the ARC application.

What is the difference between removal and deportation?

There is no difference between removal and deportation. Removal is a newer term for what was deportation proceedings and encompasses inadmissibility and deportability. People seeking to be admitted to the Canada are subject to the grounds of inadmissibility and persons who have been admitted are subject to the grounds of deportability.