AINP Employer Job-Offer

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The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP), formerly the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program(AINP), it allows qualified candidates from outside Canada can choose from immigration streams for workers and for entrepreneurs.


What are the requirements for the job offer?

For all applicants, including PGWP holders, at the time their application is mailed to the AINP or submitted in the AINP portal, and assessed for nomination, they must hold a bona fide full-time employment offer or employment contract from an Alberta employer to work in their current occupation in Alberta.

Alberta employer must be incorporated or registered by or under an act of the legislature of a province, territory, or the Parliament of Canada and operating as a business that has an established production capability, plant or place of business in Alberta.

  • continuous, paid work
  • full-time, at least 30 paid hours per week.
  • employment for 12 months or more
  • work in your current occupation
  • wages and benefits that meet provincial minimum wage and:
    • meet or exceed the requirements set out in your LMIA, or
    • if you are LMIA exempt, meet or exceed the lowest starting wage for your occupation across all industries in Alberta as set out on the Alis website
    • exceptions for NOC 41302 – Religious leaders and NOC 42204 – Religion workers:
      • If your job offer is LMIA exempt, your wages and benefits must meet or exceed minimum wage.
      • Meal and lodging deductions that meet Employment Standards are permitted. Proof of employee authorization of deductions is required.
      • Important: If you submitted your application on or before November 15, 2022 review the NOC 2016 version of the wage requirement for religious workers (PDF, 527 KB) for religious workers that apply to you.
  • work for an eligible AAIP occupation for which you have a work permit that meets AAIP work permit requirements
    • Note: The update of the NOC to the NOC 2021 version does not affect the validity of LMIAs and LMIA based work permits issued under the NOC 2016 version.

Ineligible applicants based on job offer:

  • part-time, casual or seasonal employees, regardless of their working hours
  • independent contractors, business owners or temporary agency workers, including individuals listed as directors, shareholders or agents of the Alberta employer on the Corporate Registry System (CORES)
  • employees who work in Alberta in a place of employment that is not zoned for commercial or industrial operations, such as a home-based business
  • employees who do not work on premises in Alberta, such as those who work in a ‘virtual’ location or serve the employer by telecommuting from a location outside Alberta