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Springwind Immigration Consulting Services Inc. team is committed to providing the most genuine and honest immigration advice. We are committed to helping customers to study, work, and immigrate to Canada with plenty of resources and an experienced consultation team. We provide one-stop services which include after-arrival settlement services to help newcomers adapt to a new life in Canada.

Springwind Immigration head office is located in Scarborough Ward 22 Scarborough-Agincourt Community. This community has immigrant population of Population by Immigration Status 68,620 according to 2016 Census. There is some interesting data about this community.

Scarborough-agincourt community profile

Our founder and chief Immigration Consultant Jenny Lin is a registered member with ICCRC and is in good standing. You can verify her status here: Find an Immigration Consultant – RCICs-RISIAs(

In Canada, licensed Immigration Consultants who can legally offer you Canadian immigration advice in exchange for a fee or other consideration are either RCICs, lawyers registered in one of Canada’s 13 Law Societies, or notaires registered with the Chambre des notaires du Québec. Refer to these instructions on the Government of Canada’s website to check if the Immigration Consultant you chose is an authorized representative

Here are some tips when considering hiring an immigration consultant and prevent fraud. Please see the link

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She was a long-time resident of Scarborough-Agincourt community. She lived in this community for 15 years and she was a community advocate on issues of poverty reduction, community building, domestic violence prevention, financial advocacy and problem solving. She used to work at Agincourt Community Services Association as Project Coordinator for important community projects. She loves Scarborough residents and that is one of the reasons she chose to have Springwind Immigration head office to be located as the heart of Scarborough-Agincourt community. Her work in the Scarborough community is well recognized by Scarborough residents and “Scarborough Mirror” Newspaper. Scarborough Mirror reported “Since November, Lin has run domestic violence workshops for the Agincourt Community Services Association at Chester Le's small drop-in centre.” In this article, reporter interviewed Jenny Lin and quoted several of her words. Please read the full article here:

SCARBOROUGH: Chester Le vigil remembers murdered family |

The head office address is 4168 Finch Ave. East, Suite PH23, Scarborough, and it is accessible by TTC. For Scarborough residents, just take BUS 39 and get off at Midland bus stop, just walking west on Finch, you will see a white four-storey building called “First Professional Centre” or “First Commercial Centre”. That is the building our head office is located. Please go to the elevator and press button “PH” and it will take you to our floor, turn right when you exit the elevator, then turn left and keep walking, you will find our office unit PH23.

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