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A Work Permit is an official written authorization issued by Canada that allows a foreign national to engage in employment in Canada. Holders of Work Permits generally classified as Temporary Foriegn Workers.  

Canada has two different types of Work Permits with variations based on occupation and the reason for immigrants entering the country. Work Permits vary in durations and some may carry specific conditions. Depending on your qualifications and the program you apply for, you may be issued two different categories of work permits.

  • Open Work Permit
    • Unrestricted
    • Restricted
  • Employer Specific Work Permit
    • Labour Market Assessment (LMIA) required
    • Labour Market Assessment (LMIA) exempted

Applying for A Work Permit

To apply for a work permit, you will typically require one or more of the following documents:

  • a LMIA number if your position requires one from your company.
  • proof showing your employer has submitted an offer of employment via the Employer Portal a contract or letter of employment (if you apply under international mobility program that exempt your employer from obtaining LMIA approval)
  • proof that you are certified, accredited, or qualified for the position you desire.

In several instances, you may be exempt from an LMIA:

  • Mobilité Francophone allows Canadian companies to hire French-speaking and bilingual individuals from other countries to work in management, professional, and technical occupations, as well as skilled trades, outside of Quebec.
  • If you are between the ages of 18 and 35, you can qualify for a temporary work permit under International Experience Canada (IEC) .
  • AIP and many PNP programs also exempt employer from obtaining a LMIA approval

Types of Work Permit


1. How do I come to Canada to work? / How can I apply to work in Canada?

2. Do you need to check the employer who offered you a job is an eligible employer?

  • Yes, you do. Because a negative assessment of the genuineness of the job offer should result in work permit refusal. Except Open work permits which are not subject to the assessment of the genuineness factors.  

3. What happens if you work illegally in Canada?

  • It is Unauthorized Work. A Border Services Officer may create an information alert to the foreign individual profile in their Global Case Management System (GCMS) and make a note in it if they only have a suspicion that the foreign national intends to work in Canada without the proper authorization. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (Immigration Canada) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) both collect and maintain personal data in the GCMS in order to administer and execute Canadian immigration rules. An inadmissibility report may be issued to the foreign national as well. If the foreign individual does not depart Canada voluntarily after the publication of this report, they may be arrested, detained and ultimately deported from Canada.

4. Does your work permit allow you to work for any employer in Canada?

  • It is dependent on your work permit. Most work permits are assigned to a specific employer. They will only let you work for the employer listed on the permit. In some cases, you may be able to obtain an open work permit, which does not require you to work for a specific employer.
  • An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada unless the employer:
    • is listed on the list of employers who failed to comply with the conditions as ineligible, or
    • offers, on a regular basis, striptease, erotic dance, escort services or erotic massages.

5. How long can you work in Canada as a temporary worker?

  • There is no time limit on how long you can work as a temporary worker in Canada. The amount of time you can work is determined by: your employer's job offer and the duration specified on your LMIA and expiry date on your work permit. If you want to continue to work beyond the expiry of your current work permit, you have to apply for an extension of work permit before the expiry date.

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