Our Elite Team

The Springwind Immigration team consists of various professionals, including practice lawyers, immigration consultants, senior paralegals, highly skilled technical experts, language tutor and tour guide .

Springwind Immigration Consulting Services Inc.

Jenny (Longzhen) Lin 

  • A Canadian Regulated Immigration Consultant (R.C.I.C.) - License Number R532573 
  • A member in good standing with College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (C.I.C.C.)
  • A member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (C.A.P.I.C.).
  • Worked for Immigration and Refugee Board as an Interpreter for over six years.
  • Over 1 O years of experiences in immigration field. Worked as an Immigration and Refugee Counsellor as well as Legal Specialist at non-profit organization for almost ten years.
  • With Master's degree in Law and another Master's degree in Immigration and Settlement Studies. Immigration law and policies is definitely her strength.
  • Also a Commissioner for Taking Oath.

Springwind Immigration Consulting Services Inc.

Emerson Mahinay

  • Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (R.C.I.C.)
  • Licensed Paralegal in good standing with Law Society of Ontario
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology
  • Immigration Consultation Certificate from Humber College
  • Three Years of Experience in Canadian Immigration and Small Claims Court Litigation


We have built strong partnership with a number of prestigious lawyers, paralegals and certified translators.

Patricia Gan

Patricia is licensed lawyer and Notary Public. She originates from Singapore. She is a senior lawyer specialized in family law. She has over 20 years of experience as a lawyer.

Aleksei Grachev

Aleksei Grachev is a licensed Canadian Immigration lawyer who graduated from the oldest law school in Canadahas been practicing immigration law since 1998.

Shelley Levin

Shelley Levin is an immigration lawyer with lots of experience in refugee hearing.

Preevanda K. Sapru

Our founder has a long-time relationship with Preevanda. They know each other when Jenny worked at YWCA Toronto as an Immigration and Refugee Counsellor. Preevanda is good with refugee and humanitarian cases as well as federal court cases. She works with expertise, commitment and compassion.

Kristopher D. Flores

Kristopher Flores is a Licensed Paralegal & Notary Public.  He provides services in a number of practice areas including Small Claims, Landlord and Tenant matters, WSIB/WSIAT, Provincial Offences, Traffic Tickets, and Summary Conviction Criminal Offences.


Educational system and Immigration Policies

The Springwind Immigration Elite Team will guide you all the way from the moment you have a dream of going abroad. The journey and the process can be daunting and overwhelming. We help you overcome the difficulties and makes the journey easier for you. We hold your hands and guide you through. You will feel at ease about the process and look forward to the beautiful future in a foreign country

  • We offer 30 minutes of free consultation for the first time and paid initial consultation to discuss your situation thoroughly with you.
  • We advocate our clients on behalf of them with immigration department.
  • You can arrange business visits or professional visits in advance, so that you have a sensible, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Canadian society, which help you make informed decision about your choices.
  • Our affiliated company Springwind Tourism will provide comprehensive and thoughtful one-stop settlement services. This includes booking your flight ticket and hotels, airport pick-up, sightseeing, shopping guide, arranging host stay and guidance, moving help and applying for various government documents. The professional drivers and tourism guide team will welcome you at any place at any time, so that you can enjoy the peace of mind in your journey to Canada. For more information, please visit the Springwind Tourism http://www.owcowin.com
  • Short-term winter camps and summer camps can be arranged to let you experience the short-term study abroad and learn about Canada's education system.
  • Springwind has a large pool of host families for international students' homestay. We can help international students find the most suitable host family for homestays in Ontario.
  • After your arrival, our partner agencies will continue to provide assistance in many aspects of your life in a new country, including assistance in renting a place, moving, managing your finance, employment consulting, business investment, education and schooling and so on. Choose Springwind, you will never regret!


Springwind Immigration offers invitation to industry elites with strong capabilities, good reputation and excellent services in the following industry: real estate, accounting, insurance, and financial services. We strive to build win-win cooperation in order to serve our customers in all aspects. If you are the right person, please contact us.

Family law lawyer: Patricia Gan

Immigration Lawyers: Aleksei Grachev & Shelly Levine

Real Estate Agent

Accountant with CPA, CGA designation

Mortgage and loan broker

Financial Advisor

At Springwind Immigration, you can realize your dream towards going abroad, study overseas and even live in your dreamed land. Springwind Immigration will give you a fresh start. You will experience excellent customer services, professional guidance and harvest success!