What Can You Get Excited About Post COVID-19?

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COVID-19 changed the way that most companies work and interact with one another. While many transformed the way they were functioning, by modifying or implementing new rules, having many of their employees working from home, employees spending fewer hours at the office, the Government implemented social distancing rules to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus.

Two of the most significant changes that took place in the last couple of months were clients becoming more anxious about their immigration applications, with some even abandoning their dreams to study, work, and live in the country they initially desired. Secondly, clients faced the reality of finding some short-term solutions to long-term problems regarding immigration which includes delaying lifelong milestones and goals such as marriage, pursuing education, finding a new job, or even visiting family.

Clients, now more than ever, find it a huge privilege to see their loved ones, especially with lockdown rules and without the ability to travel, which they did with ease in the past. Being constrained during the lockdown certainly has its negative social impacts, hindering mobility not just physically but socially as well. People are struggling when it comes to advancing their careers and meeting new people, but the pandemic has been assisting and highlighting the dependence on electronic communication.

Although we assist with the process of immigration and can handle most of our work, remotely, our industry functions based on people meeting one another. In the initial lockdown, implemented throughout the country, people could not travel, and there were a lot of restrictions to curtail the spread of the virus. Although we could assist with the process remotely and communicate between the various offices, without the ability to travel, people were not applying for immigration permits and visas. Additionally, there were a lot of Immigration hearings that were postponed resulting in a massive backlog within the industry, at least for cases that involved hearings. Immigration Consultants had to start working on other aspects of providing information and knowledge in the meantime until the offices picked up and completed the backlog.

In the initial days of the pandemic, we were out of work and seeking employment. It’s not very wise to start a business in immigration alone, especially in the current climate of uncertainty. We, like most other companies across the board, did not foresee the Coronavirus causing this much damage and lasting this long.

However, with the restrictions lifted and work making its way back to normal, we see significant growth in terms of office operations and clientele. An immigration client is a client for life, at least for most of their immigration journey. When they work with one company to assist with their travel, switching to another can become quite challenging as all the documentation and paperwork about the work done would be in one place.

Whether people are planning on studying in Canada, seeking work in Canada, and eventually sponsoring their family to come to Canada. After relaxing the border restrictions, I believe the economy will return, and an influx of immigrants or visitors will start appearing. We are looking forward to these changes as it would mean an influx of work and can pick up on all the business that we were unable to in the last couple of months.

We foresee other changes as well, including inclusiveness and examining of discriminatory practices in all areas of society will be considered heavily by legislatures and will trickle down to immigration. We noticed that people were quite indifferent to these changes for the longest time, but throughout the pandemic had time to ponder on these and even show their discomfort with these changes, so we see a lot more positivity moving forward.

We also see these changes affecting a lot of businesses and clients but are hopeful that they will be positive. I hope they are not afraid to seek out and retain RCICs to help their goals. I hope the business will profit off the encouragement for clients to take calculated risks and seek a better future.

We see that a lot more people are going to be open to investing in their personal growth, and it would vary what that means to them. They would want to build their confidence. As I work on more immigration files, I gain more competence, and we are sure the same rules apply to others as they keep performing the same task. Other than assisting with the process of immigration, we can add more value in advising clients more of their immigration needs. They might be sure about their plan to move to another country but not know the right way to do it and the best way to get in, which is where we assist.

As the Federal Government will be opening their departments, they will process an influx of cases, and files will start moving again, which means more work for the firm, which is always positive, and we are more than happy to assist. Clients will be relieved that their applications are processed again after they were in limbo for the longest time. I cannot confidently say that the business will return to a usual workflow, but these are the positive steps that are pushing us in the right direction.

We know we are doing good work and that our clients are receiving the best from us. With most of them happy, our networks will continue growing, with a lot more referrals of cases coming our way. We see a lot more files closing, which is another massive advantage. Furthermore, with all the work that we are doing, the business will gain more exposure to other agents that can refer more clients. There would also be more resources for clients as their RCICs will have an established network of experts to draw from

If you plan on getting consultation services relating to immigration, Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc is the best alternative. Other than assisting with the paperwork, we can sit you down and explain your options and why a specific route makes sense over another. After hearing your side of the story, we are better equipped to provide a solution or work toward one. We assisted a lot of people who wanted to make their way to Canada, either to study, work, live or settle, so they are quite informed about the process.

We are currently working with clients across Scarborough, North York, Toronto, Richmond, Markham, around the country and worldwide and are assisting them with their needs to bring their family down if they need. They are always looking to assist a lot more people, and with the remote working option now available to most, people can get in touch with them from any part of Canada, anytime. If you are looking for a better understanding of the services that we provide, please click here. If you want to get in touch with us as we can assist with your immigration needs, please click here


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