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At Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc., we’re an immigration consulting firm focused on providing quality services to prospective international students and immigrants. Therefore, we strive to render efficiency, and professionalism which results in mostly straightforward cases.

However, one of the most challenging cases we’ve come across is a refugee claim where we had to think creatively to achieve success. Please keep reading to see how we helped a client from China with a refugee protection claim.

The Challenge: The client didnt have a refugee status
The client came on a multiple entry visitor visa and did not apply for refugee status when he first came to Canada. Therefore, one of the issues we needed to address at the refugee hearing was the delay of the claim.

The other issue was that the client was only issued an admonition and did not experience prosecution. In addition, the Chinese P.S.B. did not attend the client’s home after the event that caused our client to flee China.

So we had to convince the refugee board that the client feared prosecution if he returned to China. Besides, our client claimed to be a refugee at the border while being interviewed by a CBSA officer after entering Canada the second time.

We understood that any inconsistency between the CBSA officer’s interview notes and his Basis of Claim form would cause concern. To make matters worse, the client did not have enough documentation to prove his activities.

The Solution: Devising a strategy to prove the clients situation
The most significant hurdle we had to overcome was finding enough objective evidence of people prosecuted in a similar situation. Consequently, we analyzed the client’s situation and came up with strategies to tackle these issues.

Firstly, we asked the client to brainstorm who is familiar with his situation to see if they could provide an affidavit to confirm his activities in China. Secondly, we asked the client to collect documents from his domain host service provider to verify that he is a VPN service provider.

Thirdly, we decided that his claim was based on a political opinion different from that of the Chinese government for the annex. He believed in freedom of speech and access to information, while the Chinese government prefers to restrict the public’s access to specific online sites.

Finally, we prepared the client meticulously for the hearing to be familiar with the procedure and answer questions spontaneously during the hearing.

It gave the members an excellent impression of him, and the client was deemed trustworthy as his story proved to be credible.

The Bottom Line
It took a month for us to find primary and secondary sources of information related to this claim. However, we maintained our persistence until we achieved our objective. Consequently, if you’re facing a similar case, then get in contact with us today.

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