How Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. Helped A Client Study In Canada

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At Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc., we strive to provide affordable, efficient, and responsive immigration solutions to clients worldwide. Our professional team empowers prospective international students and immigrants to realize their goal of coming to Canada to study, work, and settle. To achieve this, we use reliable and credible methods to help solve cases even when the client has lost all hope in the situation.

Please keep reading to learn how we helped a client study in Canada after facing initial challenges.

The Challenge: A history of study permit application refusal
The student came to us not too long ago with a deep desire to study in Canada. Unfortunately, he was refused a permit in the past after applying for one. If he couldn’t gain entry with a new application, his career plans would be affected. He would then have to give up on his dream of studying in Canada and accept a regular job in his home country, which would impact his future.

The Solution: Comprehensive documents to convince the visa officer
For us to help the client, we had to check the reason why the client’s previous study permit application was declined. It was due to the visa officer not believing that the client would come back to his home country after finishing his studies in Canada.

To assure the visa officer that the client would adhere to the immigration rules, we gathered and analyzed the information about our client’s ties to his home country and discussed in detail his study plans and career ambitions. We then prepared concrete evidence to convince the visa officer that he would not remain in Canada after his authorized stay period.

The Bottom Line
We were working against the clock to submit the study permit application as the academic program was about to begin in just two months. We managed to get all the application documents ready in only three days, and during this period, we revised the study plan many times together. But this helped us get the application just right for it to be approved.

If you’re planning to pursue higher education at a top college or university in Canada, then get in touch with Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. today! As a leading immigration company in Scarborough, Ontario, we offer quality immigration services, primarily to Chinese clients. We assist skilled and non-skilled workers, business investors, students, and families with their immigration needs. We also help clients with refugee protection claims, inadmissibility, and citizenship. We serve clients across Scarborough, North York, Toronto, Richmond Hill, and Markham in Canada.

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