How Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. Helped A Client Pursue a PhD

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At Springwind Immigration Consulting, we are a professional immigration firm located in Toronto, Ontario, that renders high-quality service to clients from all over the world. Our reliable team of experts consistently demonstrates efficiency and responsiveness, which gives clients the confidence that we can empower them by delivering a positive outcome. Please keep reading to learn how we helped a client attain the correct information to achieve her dream of studying in Canada.

The Challenge: The client didn’t know if she could pursue a PhD

Not too long ago, a client came to us after graduating with a Master’s degree and was eligible for the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) Master Graduate Stream. However, the client wondered if she would still be eligible while pursuing a Ph.D. The student made calls to over forty immigration firms in Toronto, and each time got the same answer “No, you won’t be eligible if you pursue full-time study.”

These consultants gave the answer based on the program requirements, which states, “you are not eligible for the program if you are enrolled in full-time study at the time of application unless you are working full time in Ontario.” Unfortunately, many consultants read the first part of the sentence and did not tell the client the condition, which was a mistake. Even though it may be challenging for many people to juggle full-time studies with a full-time job, it’s not impossible. Some people can deal with it, so it’s best to give clients the option.

The Solution: Present all the possibilities

When the client called Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. and told us about the negative answers she received from other consultants, we told her that we would look into the regulations and get back to her swiftly with a clear answer.

Even though we had never encountered a similar case before, we were confident that we could carefully read the regulation and apply principles of legal interpretation to find a solution.

So, after doing the research, our consultant spoke to the client and told her, “the other consultants were right, but there is one exception, if you can also find a job and work full time, then you are still eligible.”

Our consultant also suggested that the client should delay her Ph.D. study for a year and apply for the master’s program first, as she would need to sacrifice her spare time to get ahead. But, the client was determined to attend the full-time Ph.D. study right away as she felt being young and motivated would allow her to handle the considerable workload.

So we told her to go ahead and find a full-time job. We then submitted the OINP application under the Master Graduate Program, which was successfully approved.

The Bottom Line

While the client did not act on our first recommendation, we were happy that our correct information, along with processing a successful OINP application, enabled her to pursue her Ph.D. Just a few hours of researching the source of the regulation brought peace of mind to the client, who would otherwise have been misled into believing she was not eligible when indeed she could qualify.

Therefore, you should never be afraid if you’re facing a similar situation. Do your research carefully and speak to the right people to get the correct answer, as it could make your dreams come true. As the best immigration company located in Toronto, ON, we offer credible and affordable services. Our immigration solutions empower skilled workers, business investors, students, and families. We also take care of citizenship matters, work visas, refugee protection claims, and inadmissibility for clients. We currently serve clients across Scarborough, North York, Toronto, Richmond, Markham in Canada and worldwide.

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