A Checklist To Finding A Reliable Immigration Consultant

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While Canada has emerged as one of the top destinations for immigration, the process of relocating is not always straightforward. There are several steps you need to know when moving to Canada, and an immigration consultant can ease your challenges along the way. Ideally, having an immigration consultant or a lawyer can take the pressure off your shoulders. Working with these professionals will not only reduce your stress, but they will offer expert guidance on your application. However, it’s essential to choose a professional carefully and avoid being scammed.

As experts and a regulated immigration firm, Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. has created a handy checklist to help you pick a reliable immigration consultant. Follow our checklist to hire someone qualified and trustworthy so that the entire immigration process goes smoothly for you.

1. When seeking the services of an immigration consultant, you must first check their qualification on the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)’s website or head to this website.

2. Meet with your consultant personally or through video meetings. Do not only count on their website or email. It happens that some imposters pretend to be licensed immigration consultants by using other professional’s names and license numbers.

3. Make good use of the initial consultant meeting. There may be a charged initial consultant meeting. It is an excellent chance to establish a connection and trust between you and the immigration consultant. Clients’ applications will be discussed in the initial meeting, including the possible plans, the timeline, and service fees.

4. Read your retainer agreement carefully, and beware if you are not asked to sign a retainer agreement. The retainer agreement is the service contract prepared by an immigration consultant stating the services and fees. An immigration consultant must provide you with a retainer agreement before any services begin.

5. Make sure your retainer agreement is signed by a licensed immigration consultant rather than a company, an agent, or someone else.

6. Beware if you are given guarantees on processing time regarding an immigration application. There is no absolute processing timeline for any type of immigration application. You may be advised of a timeline range, but no officer will ever give you a guarantee.

7. No one can guarantee an application result. If your immigration consultant promises you a positive result, they could be breaking the immigration regulation. An immigration consultant can only provide you their best legal service but cannot guarantee the results. Whether the application is approved or not is decided by visa officers.

8. Beware of the immigration consultant telling you or hinting that they know someone in the Immigration Department who can help you with your immigration application. This is a scam. The visa officer processing your application makes their own independent decision. No one can influence the result of your application.

9. Beware if you are encouraged to lie on your application. If you lie on your application, you are committing misrepresentation, and there is a serious punishment for it. Immigration consultants should never encourage you or any other client to lie.

10. Your immigration consultant should keep in good communication with you. At the first stage, they should ask for your detailed information and supporting documents. If you have any concerns and questions, they should respond in time and discuss your doubts in depth if necessary. During the application process, you should be updated with the progress of your application and any intermediate results.

11. Your immigration consultant should help you make a whole plan for your near future in Canada. You may only focus on the current application, but your immigration consultant should give you the advice to help you look further.

12. Your immigration consultant should know very well the key issues of your application and have a good plan about how to address these issues.

If you have any concerns about filing your immigration application or need professional advice to simplify the immigration process, reach out to Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc., an immigration company in Scarborough, Toronto, ON. We provide committed and dedicated immigration services that strive to provide the best services to help applicants realize their dream of coming to Canada to study, work, live and settle.

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