How To Check The Service Quality Of Your Immigration Consultant

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If you’re one of those people with reasons to move abroad for further studies, work, or a better life, you are not alone. Like you, millions of aspiring immigrants are looking for opportunities to take their careers off the ground. However, immigrating abroad means meeting specific and rigid immigration laws and policies of that particular country.

If you’re not aware of them or how you can prepare yourself with the immigration guidelines, you’ll need the assistance of an immigration consultant.

Although before you consult an immigration consultant, you’ll need to check their claims about the service’s authenticity and genuineness they advertise. Know that moving to a new country is a huge investment and a serious commitment, and you will need a dependable individual to help you with your needs. To help you determine if you have an ideal professional by your side, the experts at Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. have explained three primary tips that will help you check the service quality of your immigration consultant.

1. Checks for completeness of the immigration application
To ensure your form is correctly completed, your potential immigration consultant should be able to tell you accurately the completeness of your application. Know that the strength of your application can only be thoroughly determined by spotting key issues, which then can be supported by concrete materials and arguments.

So as their client, it’s imperative that you ask the immigration consultant about their opinion on key issues and see if there is enough material prepared to address those issues. It may be hard, but through your conversation with your consultant, you should be able to feel whether their services are beneficial. Also, don’t feel disappointed when your consultant tells you the weakness of your application but make sure to ask for solutions!

Be cautious of consultants who cannot give unsatisfactory explanations or opinions on the weakness and strengths of your case. This could be a red flag that they are uninterested in your immigration application.

2. Provides direct communication and timely feedback
Immigration application is lengthy, so careful inquiries and timely responses are key. There are cases where some clients have thrown their basic information to their consultant and have waited for weeks and even months to get a response. If you want to avoid such poor communication, ensure your consultant is actively connected with you.

In the beginning, your potential consultant will ask for your updated and detailed information. Ensure you always provide accurate and updated information to your consultant. During the process, they will offer you the process progress information. You can also ask for the average timeline for your application to see if your consultant communicates with you in a timely manner. Don’t feel annoyed if your consultant asks a lot of questions or asks for detailed documents from you. They are helping!

However, if you’re in a situation where the consultant remains unavailable even after you pay their service fee, then they may have failed to give enough attention to your case, or worse, you may be scammed!

3. Creates a comprehensive plan for you
Whether you’re applying for studies, working, or looking for a better life, filing your immigration application is just the first step towards your future. Your potential consultant should help you see further using their professional experience. That includes providing you with sound advice for your future, such as career plans, study plans, or the choice of settlement location.

Like any client, you may only focus on the current application with little thought about the next step or the next few steps. But with the help of a reliable consultant, you should be able to make wise and right decisions.

At any point in time, if you feel that the consultant has no interest in helping you and looking for ways that are profitable for them, it’s time to look for someone else with more professional ethics.

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