Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm Categories

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What is SINP - Entrepreneur and Farm Categories?

The SINP-Entrepreneur and Farm Categories are only for businesses engaged in primary agricultural production (crops and livestock). If entrepreneurs are interested in agri-business operations, they may qualify under the SINP Entrepreneur Category. Entrepreneur and Farm Categories also is known as Farm Owner and Operator Category. It is for entrepreneurs who want to move to Saskatchewan.

What are the requirements of the SINP- Farm Owner and Operator Category?

  • Farming experience at least three years is required (experiences in Farm ownership or Farm management or Practical farming experience)
  • Have sufficient capital (money and assets) to invest in an agricultural operation.
  • Make plans to purchase and operate a farm in Saskatchewan (intend to invest a minimum of $150,000 (CAD) and must have a minimum of $10,000 CAD in annual revenue to be a qualified farming business) .
  • Score at least 55 points on the Farm Owner/Operator Category Intent Grid

Who is eligible for the SINP- Farm Owner and Operator Category?

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • have $500,000 (CAD) at minimum in Net Business and Personal Assets;
  • Refundable Cash Deposit: In order to own and actively run a farm in Saskatchewan, applicants must sign a Performance Agreement. A further "good faith" deposit in the amount of $75,000 (CAD) is required. The cash deposit will be reimbursed once the applicant has fulfilled the terms of the Performance Agreement. The deposit will be returned to the province if applicants fail to complete the agreement.
  • Mandatory visit to Saskatchewan: at least five business days as part of an exploratory visit.
  • Farm operation knowledge and experience: documentations need to be provided to prove it. There may be an interview.
  • A practical, well-thought-out proposal for a commercial Saskatchewan farming opportunity. (See Important Terms: Farm Proposal Viability).

What are steps in the application process?

Step 1: Call Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. at 1-647-748-0188 or 1-647-869-6678 and make an appointment with the professional consulting team.

Step 2: Initial Consultation session with RCIC, sign Retainer Agreement with us for program recommended.

Step 3: Collecting all relevant document for your application.

Step 4: Apply online and pay the fees.

Step 5: If you are invited by SINP, submit an application for permanent selection.

Step 6: Processing of your permanent selection application

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