MPNP- International Education Stream – Graduate Internship Pathway

What is MPNP-IES – Graduate Internship Pathway?

The MPNP- International Education Stream- Graduate Internship Pathway is targeted for master and doctoral graduates who contribute to industry innovation in Manitoba through designated internship. Graduates who completed an Accelerate or Elevate with Mitacs in Manitoba can apply to the MPNP immediately after graduation, no matter if they have a job offer or not.

What are the requirements of the Graduate Internship Pathway?

To meet the minimum requirements, applicants must:

  • have completed a master or doctoral degree program in Manitoba within the past 3 years.
  • reached CLB7 on English or NCLC 7 on French.
  • have completed a Mitacs Elevate or Accelerate internship with an eligible industry and research enterprise in Manitoba.
  • have sufficient settlement funds from independent financial resources for a six-month period, or be employed in a full-time, long-term position in Manitoba.
  • be residing in Manitoba at the time of application and show the intent to continue to reside in Manitoba permanently, including the submission of a Career Employment Plan demonstrating opportunities for a successful career track in Manitoba.

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