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What is NLPNP International Graduate Category?

The NLPNP Skilled Worker Category is for recent graduates who have a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) and a job or job offer from a Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) employer. The nominees can apply for permanent residence to the Government of Canada – IRCC.

What are the requirements of the NLPNP International Graduate Category?

These are generally the requirements of this program.

  • Have an IRCC Post- Graduation work permit (PGWP). The work permit must have at least 4 months validity remaining at the time of application for the NL Provincial Nominee Program
  • Have a full-time job or job offer:
    • In a NOC 0, A or B occupation, or a NOC C occupation, provided the occupation is in an In-Demand Occupation (For graduates of Memorial University or College of the North Atlantic, all NOC C occupation is included, details explained in the last requirement)
    • That guarantees a minimum of 30 hours per week for the applicant.
    • That is at least one year in duration with a reasonable expectation of extension.
    • From an eligible Newfoundland and Labrador employer.
    • That compensates the applicant in the form of a salary or hourly wage (not commission).
    • Meets provincial employment standards and prevailing wage rates.
    • Meet NOC code employment requirements for that occupation.
    • That is not a contractual or locum position (short-term positions usually less than twelve months in duration with little or no possibility of extension)
  • Be 21 to 59 years old.
  • Have the intention and ability to settle permanently in NL.
  • Hold sufficient settlement funds and financial resources to successfully establish themselves and any dependents in NL.
  • Sufficient English or French language capability to perform the employment duties. Language testing is required for NOC C, In-Demand occupations. Minimum language requirements: IELTS-general testing, Listening:4.5,Reading 3.5, Writing:4, Speaking:4; OR, CELPIP-General, Listening:4, Reading:4, Writing:4, Speaking: 4; OR, TEF: la compréhension de l’oral : 145 | la compréhension de l’écrit : 121 | l’expression écrite : 181 | l’expression orale : 181
  • If the applicant has an ownership stake in a business in which they are employed, then the applicant’s share of ownership cannot exceed 10%.
  • If the applicant completed their studies at a recognized public post-secondary institution outside of NL, their job or job offer must be directly related to the field of study. Out-of-province graduates must work for a minimum of one year in NL prior to submission of an NLPNP application.
  • Applicants to the International Graduate category should hold either:
    • a full-time, indeterminate position related to their field of study, or
    • a position that is commensurate with their skills, experience and/or training.

Applicants are permitted to hold a position that is not directly related to their field of study, provided the applicant is a graduate of Memorial University or College of the North Atlantic and that the applicant’s position meets all of the following criteria:

  • Requires a post-secondary degree or diploma.
  • Corresponds to National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level 0, A, B or C.
  • Can reasonably be expected to lead to career advancement for the applicant.
  • Is in a field in which the applicant has a recent (i.e. in the last 5 years) combination of skill, experience and/or training, according to the NOC description, as defined by Employment and Social Development Canada.
  • Is full-time for indeterminate.
  • Responds to a perceived labour market need in NL. (The employer may be asked to explain how the position responds to a perceived labour market need in their organization/business.)

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