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To protect client’s privacy, personal information has been blacked out.

Successful Case 1: AIPP Endorsement Approval

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Successful Case  2: AIPP Endorsement Approval

Chinese Immigration Services

Successful Case  3: AIPP Work Permit Support Letter

Chinese Immigration Services

Successful Case  4: Humanitarian & Compassionate

Client: Wen Zhu Li      Nationality: China

My daughter went through tough time due to domestic violence. Her ex-husband is very violent. She had to escape to a shelter that protects women fleeing domestic violence. At that time, the shelter has policy of three months length of stay. She had to move out of shelter. She had two children. The boy has special needs. It was difficult to manage on her own. I was looking for an Immigration Consultant to see if can stay to help my daughter and the grandchildren. Luckily, Ms. Longzhen Lin told me that I could apply for Humanitarian and Compassionate application and ask for exemption to apply from within Canada. Ms. Lin gave us very detailed instruction and support for everything. She helped my daughter and grandchild connecting with professional services including counselling services. In the process of gathering supporting documents, she was holding our hands all the way. Our application was approved on March 26, 2020. Now I am eligible to apply for a work permit and wait for my permanent resident final approval. Thank you again, Ms. Lin.

Chinese Immigration Services


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