How Springwind Immigration Consultancy Service Inc. Helped A Client With A Humanitarian And Compassionate Application

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At Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc., we are an immigration consulting firm focused on providing a one-stop immigration solution to prospective immigrants in Canada and worldwide.

We strive to render friendly, timely, and professional services. Therefore, clients trust us to obtain successful outcomes no matter how challenging the situation. One of the most challenging cases we have handled is a Humanitarian and Compassionate application. Please keep reading to learn how we helped our client’s mother become a permanent resident in Canada.

The Challenge: The client’s mother was on a visitor visa

Our client was sponsored by her husband through the spousal sponsorship program. However, the husband was abusive and physically violent, which left her almost beaten to death. She didn’t learn English back home and could not communicate effectively. To make matters worse, she didn’t know where to seek help and find the resources available to help her in Canada.

Fortunately, the tenant in her basement was an international student who heard the screams and fighting upstairs. The student Googled online and found a shelter. She gave our client the phone number, which she called.

Our founder and immigration consultant Jenny Lin was a Legal Support Worker at the shelter when she rang. Jenny spoke to the client in her native language and helped her navigate the immigration system, assuring her that her PR status wouldn’t be affected.

She also got the go-ahead to move into the shelter right away. So when her husband was not home, she packed her bags and left with her two young children.

But, her mother was on a visitor visa at that time, and her authorized stay would end soon. Our client needed her mother’s help long-term, so Jenny helped her successfully extend her mother’s visitor visa.

Jenny also helped her apply for social housing as she required assistance during this challenging time. But, she wanted a better life for her family and tried to figure out how to make a living.

With the life skills she learned at the shelter, she became resilient and started a dry cleaning business with government grants, and soon started to make a good income.

However, her mother’s legal status still lingered. She didn’t qualify for any Economic Class Immigration Program. She was also not eligible for a Parental Sponsorship Program as our client’s income was still not high enough to sponsor her mother.

The Solution: Make a Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) application

The last resort for the mother was to try a Humanitarian and Compassionate application, which allows applicants to be exempt from specific immigration requirements if there are compelling reasons.

After the H&C option was informed to the client, she found fresh hope but was also informed that the program’s approval rate was low, around 15%. Presenting the factors and writing compelling reasons took experience and a deep understanding of the relevant regulations and case laws. Also, building a case was not an easy task as there were not enough supporting documents available.

Jenny was able to link many resources for the client, including filing a police report for the domestic violence, getting support from Children’s Aid Society, referral to a psychologist and social worker for counseling services. Jenny also helped her apply for a victim injury compensation fund.

After gathering all the supporting documents, the H&C application was filed. It took about two years to get the first stage approval. After the approval, Jenny put in an open work permit application. Luckily, the PR (permanent residence) application under H&C was approved six months later, before the work permit was even issued.

The Bottom Line

Eventually, our client’s mother became a permanent resident of Canada. She now goes to work while helping take care of her grandchildren whenever she can. Our client has fully recovered from the trauma she experienced from domestic violence and today has purchased her own apartment.

If you’re facing a similar issue and don’t know where to turn, give us a call today. As a leading immigration company in Scarborough, Toronto, ON, Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc. offers quality immigration services. We assist skilled and non-skilled workers, business investors, students, and families with their immigration needs. We also provide help with refugee protection claims, inadmissibility, and citizenship. We serve clients across Scarborough, North York, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham in Canada and offer immigration services worldwide (primarily China).

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