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What is the ONIP Entrepreneur Stream?

The Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (ONIP) Entrepreneur Stream is the only immigration stream under the Business Category of Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP). It is targeted for entrepreneurs from outside Canada interested in starting a new business or buying an existing one in Ontario. The entrepreneur may have up to one business partner for the application. After being nominated, the applicants can apply to the federal government to become Permanent Residence.

What are the requirements of the OINP Entrepreneur Stream?

These are generally the requirements for the entrepreneur and the business partner (if applicable).



  • Must have at least 24 months of full-time business experience in the last 60 months as a business owner or as a senior manager
  • Net worth:
    • $800,000 CAD if the proposed business is within GTA;
    • $400,000 CAD if outside of GTA;
    • $400,000 CAD if the proposed business is in the information and communications technology/ digital communications sector, regardless of location.
  • Personal investment funds:
    • $600,000 CAD if the proposed business is within GTA
    • $200,000 CAD if outside of GTA
    • $200,000 CAD and at least of one third of the equity in the business, if in the information and communications technology/digital communications sector.
  • Actively involved in the management of the business
  • Capital investment purpose is to make profit.
  • Job Creation:
    • Must create at least two permanent full-time jobs for Canadians or permanent residents, if the business will be inside GTA
    • Must create at least one such job if outside GTA or in the information and communication technology or digital communications sector, regardless of location.
  • If purchasing an existing business:
    • Must make at least one business-related visit to Ontario within 12 months
    • The business must have been in continuous operation by the same owner(s) for the previous 60 months
    • Ownership must be completely transferred to the applicant or any business partner
    • Must use at least 10% of the personal investment towards improving or expanding the business in Ontario
    • Must keep all current permanent full-time employees
  • Business purpose must be to make a profit from active income through the sale of goods and/or services
  • Business must comply with all relevant Canadian and Ontario legal, regulatory and licensing requirements.
  • Business must be permanent. Project-based and seasonal business are not eligible.
  • The place of business must in Ontario at all time.
  • Not in the list of following:
    • automated car wash business
    • holding companies
    • laundromats
    • pawnbrokers
    • pay day loan and related businesses
    • scrap metal recycling
    • tire recycling
    • a business involved in producing, distributing or selling pornography or sexually explicit products or services, or providing sexually oriented services
    • businesses which have been previously owned/operated by current or former OINP business stream nominees


If in GTA, the following business are also ineligible:

  • existing franchises in Ontario (new foreign franchises expanding into Ontario are permitted)
  • gas stations
  • bed and breakfasts

The application fee

$3500 for each applicant

Note: the application fee is collected by the Government of Ontario.

You and your business partner (if applicable) must provide various documents to support your application. Springwind Immigration professional team will help you to complete the complicated application process. You can reach us at 1-647-748-0188, 1-647-869-6678, or info@springwindimmigration.com


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