Federal Business Immigration Programs

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Springwind Immigration are aware of your desire to build a successful business in Canada. In terms of immigration, this is combined with the requirement to choose a business program that would allow you to obtain permanent residency in Canada. Selecting the Right Business Immigration Program Can Be Challenging. Contact Us today, you will receive expert assistance on which option is right for you, it will increase your chances of visa approval by working with one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Our RCIC is licensed by the CICC to assist you by assessing your eligibility, reviewing all documentation, and submitting it to the Canadian government on your behalf.


Start-up Visa Program:

- A TRV (Temporary Travel Visa) or work permit are not required in advance.

- Fastest PR processing timeframe

- You are free to launch your business anywhere in Canada.

- Work in Canada while you wait your application for permanent residence is processed

- One enterprise, multiple applicants (up to 5)

- Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level 5 in either English or French

- If your business fails, it doesn’t affect your permanent resident status.

Self-Employed Persons Program:

- No regulated minimum net worth requirement.

- Financial rewards and independence from employers

- No need a growth plan (profit margin or corporate mindset)

- In terms of entrepreneurship, there is a lot more room to grow.

Business Immigration Programs

There are two programs available to business people seeking permanent residence in Canada.



    Entrepreneurs may apply for permanent residence under the Startup Visa Program if they have an innovative business idea that is supported by one of the recognized Canadian organizations. Under this program, groups of up to five people may seek for permanent residence. While their applications for permanent residence are being processed, all necessary applicants can come to work on their project. 

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    Under the Self-Employed Persons Program, entrepreneurs with at least two years of experience in the arts, culture, or sports are eligible to immigrate to Canada. These entrepreneurs must be capable of and intend to work for themselves in the same Canadian industry sectors. They also must satisfy the selection criteria and pass minimum score. This program is a direct pathway to becoming Canadian permanent resident and gaining citizenship after.

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