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What is the Home Care Provider Pilot Program?

The Home Care Provider Pilots was introduced on June 18, 2019 and is the successor of the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP), Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs Pilot . Similar to its predecessors it provides a pathway for overseas home support providers to immigrate to Canada under an open work permit, and can become Permanent Residents once they have 2 years of eligible work experience in Canada. A great feature of this program is that family members of the Home Care Providers can also accompany them and work or study in Canada.

In the new caregiver pilot immigration program, there are some new features:

  • Canadian employers are not required to undergo the LMIA process to hire a caregiver.
  • Caregivers are not limited to work for that specific employer or location. Also, they can work with multiple employers in the same NOC code (Teer Category) to qualify for permanent residence of Canada.
  • Caregivers who started working with their Canadian employers or families in Canada under this program, they have completed PR eligibility check.

Under this new pilot, there are 2 streams Home Care Providers can apply:

What are the requirements of Home Care Provider Pilot Program?

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Education (post-secondary or higher educational credential)
  • Language requirements : English (Canadian Language Benchmarks CLB – 5) or French
  • Must have relevant training  and work experience to demonstrate your ability to perform the job duties.
  • Must have a valid full-time job offer from a Canadian employer.

What are steps in the application process?

Educational credential assessment (ECA) : 1 year of Canadian post-secondary education/foreign equivalent

When the applicants receive the decision on their work permit, their PR applications will be held until they complete their two years of work experience in Canada.

Applicants who are already in Canada and work under the old Caregiver programs can also apply to convert into this new program. If they have completed two years of required work experience in Canada, they  can apply for the permanent residence directly under the new caregiver program.

There are two simultaneous application process at the same time:

  • Application for work permit of caregiver and spouse open work permit (if applicable ) and study permit(s) or visitor visa(s) of dependent children (if applicable).
  • PR application for the entire family.

In case the applicant has any prior experience working as a Caregiver in Canada, their experience will be added on their application for permanent residence.


What is the maximum number of caregiver applications for this program to be processed each year?

It will be up to 5,500 applications each year under the caregiver pilots.

  • 2,750 applications for the Home Child Care Provider Pilot
  • 2,750 applications for the Home Support Worker Pilot

Each year, there is a certain number of applications. In 2023, the number of applications as below:

  Home Child Care Provider Pilot Home Support Worker Pilot
Applicants without 24 months of experience (Category A)

1,650 applications.

(This includes 1,500 online applications and 150 alternate format applications.)

1,650 applications

(This total includes both online and alternate format applications.)

Applicants with 24 months of experience (Category B):

1,100 applications

(This includes 1,000 online applications and 100 alternate format applications.)

1,100 applications

(This total includes both online and alternate format applications.)

Can I apply for permanent residence under caregivers?

Yes, you may be able to apply for permanent residence through the Home Child Care Provider Pilot or Home Support Worker Pilot if you: meet the eligibility requirements, and have a job offer to work in one of these occupations.

What happens if the yearly limit on applications has been reached when you apply?

  • Online applications
    • you won’t be able to submit it and
    • it will expire after approximately 30 days
  • Alternate format applications
    • Your application won’t be accepted and will be returned.

You will then wait for the next year intake to submit your application when the application intake is open.

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