Alberta Rural Renewal Stream

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What is AAIP Rural Renewal Stream?

The AAIP Rural Renewal Stream is for foreign skilled workers who have job offers and community support from an Alberta designated rural community. This stream helps in the hiring of foreign skilled workers for Alberta's rural communities. This program is also community-driven, allowing rural communities to hire talented workers who wish to live, work, and stay in their communities. Secondly, the program intends to address labour shortages while also growing the economy.

What are the advantages of AAIP Rural Renewal Stream?

  • Language skills low level in English/French (Minimum CLB 5 in NOC O, A, or B occupation. Minimum CLB 4 in NOC C or D occupation)
  • A wide range of occupational categories to meet the requirements
  • Low education requirements, minimum of high school education in Canada or in your country of origin

Who can apply to this stream?

Eligibility Requirements Candidates can apply to the Rural Renewal (RR) stream if they, their employer, and their job offer satisfy to all the requirements below.

Community Designation Requirements:

- Communities are required to complete a designated application form to apply to the appropriate provincial authorities, and communities with fewer than 10,000 residents will receive additional points on their application. All decisions are final with the government.

- Rural communities outside of the Calgary and Edmonton metropolitan areas with a population of less than 100,000 are required.

- The Job offer is at least 12 months, full-time, non-seasonal employment from one or more interested employers in the area. A letter of support from the community or town council is required.

- The application needs to be signed and submitted by an organization whose primary function is economic development.

- This needs to include an economic development plan or similar document (does not need to be up to date).

- A letter of support from an organization (does not need to be local) that works with the community to provide settlement services to newcomers to ensure and plan for the settlement and community integration of newcomers.

Candidate Requirements:

- Applicants must agree to live, and work in the community in Alberta.

- Must have a valid community endorsement letter from EDO. Also, must have an Endorsement of candidate letter from the community.

- At the time of submitting the provincial nomination application, the applicant must have a full-time job offer or bona fide employment contract from an Alberta employer and the position must be on a list of eligible occupations in the designated community.

- The applicant's position is not on the ineligible occupations.

- Have at least 12 months of full-time work experience in a qualifying occupation within the last 18 months prior to application. Work experience can be the sum of experience gained in Alberta, Canada (outside of Alberta) or abroad.

- Satisfy the language requirement under the Occupational Classification and have a valid language transcript.

- Have no less than a high school education, or an ECA if the education was obtained overseas.

- Meet the financial requirements for settlement, or if the applicant is not living or working in Canada at the time of application, meet the minimum income criteria (LICO).

How do I apply?

Application process.

1. Recruitment. Community partners will review the applicant's application requirements to ensure that all criteria and program eligibility are met, and foreign applicants residing in Canada must hold legal status in Canada.

2. The employer provides a job offer, and the community provide a letter of support.

3. The applicant applies through the Provincial Nominee website and pays the application fee.

4. After approval, a provincial nomination letter will be issued, and if a work visa is required, a 204(c) work support letter will be issued to facilitate the application for a work visa.

5. After obtaining the provincial nomination, the applicant will submit the federal application within 6 months.