The MPNP – Business Investor Stream is for qualified business investors and entrepreneurs from around the world who have the intent and ability to start or purchase businesses in Manitoba.

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The Business Investor Stream (BIS), originally known as the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business (MPNP-B), is a program in Manitoba that targets experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who desire to launch a company or establish a farm in Manitoba.

Before applying to the program, potential applicants must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). Before submitting an EOI, a potential applicant must conduct research in the province, regardless of whether they want to register as an Entrepreneur or Farm Investor.

Manitoba's Business Advantages

  • Applicants are no longer required to submit a deposit of $100,000 to the Manitoba Government under Entrepreneur Pathway.
  • Metallic minerals ($1.1 billion, with nickel accounting for 21.9%, copper 18.6%, gold 18.7%, zinc 35.6%, silver 2.5% and other metals 2.7% of Manitoba's total value of metals)
  • Industrial minerals ($287.8 million) and • Petroleum ($1.12 billion).
  • In 2020, Manitoba’s population stood at 1,379,121
  • Manitoba's median age was 37.4 years, tied with Saskatchewan for second youngest among provinces, and below the national level of 40.8 years

There are two sub-streams:


    It allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business people from all over the world who have the desire and ability to move to Manitoba and establish, purchase, or partner up with an existing company after arriving In canada on a temporary work permit.

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    It is for individuals with proven farm business experience, sufficient available capital to invest, and who intend to establish and operate a farm operation in rural Manitoba. The type of operation and investment must correlate with Provincial statistics and be relevant to Manitoba’s farm industry. . 

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