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Springwind Immigrant are aware of your desire to immigrate to Canada. In terms of immigration, this is combined with the requirement to choose one of pilot programs that would allow you to obtain permanent residency in Canada. Selecting a Right Program for the skilled worker with foreign work experience Can Be Challenging. Contact Us today, you will receive expert assistance on which option is right for you, it will increase your chances of getting invitation by working with one of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Our RCIC is licensed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) to assist you by assessing your eligibility, reviewing all documentation, and submitting it to the Canadian government on your behalf.


What is Canadian Immigration Pilot Program?

Immigration pilots are short-term program created to meet the requirements of specific areas and communities across Canada. These pilot initiatives attempt to bring in unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled foreigners to help fill these gaps by providing a road to permanent residence for people who desire to live and work in Canada permanently.

What are the advantages of immigration pilot programs?

For talented international employees, there are numerous options to work and immigrate to Canada. The numerous economic class immigration pilot program in Canada is one of the most well-liked routes. It is hardly surprising that pilot program are one of Canada's most popular immigration routes given the program diverse focus on topics like communities and occupations. These pilot projects have additionally shown to be advantageous for local communities. Furthermore, research points to the benefit of new pilot initiatives for the federal government of Canada.

Immigration pilot programs


    This is a community-driven pilot aimed at bringing the economic benefits of immigration directly to smaller cities and towns. Skilled foreigners who want to live and work in one of the participating communities can now take a quicker .

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    The new home care provider pilots replaces the Live-in caregiver program, allowing both Home Support Workers and Home Child Care Provider to live and work in Canada. These pilots make it more accessible for foreign caregivers.

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    This industry pilot will address shortages in the agri-food sector, targeting semi-skilled and unskilled workers in the meat, greenhouse, and animal production industries. Eligible jobs for the pilot include butchers, farm.

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    This pathway is created under IRCC’s public policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. It offers refugee claimants who worked in the health-care sector the option to apply for permanent residence.


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