Preetham Motepalli

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I have 10 backlog credits for my university study. It shows on my transcript. I have over 6.5 IETLTS scores. I wanted to study a Graduate Certificate Program in Canadian college, ideally with Business Analytics or Big Data Analytics. Ms. Lin told me right from the beginning that it is difficult to get admitted especially since Big Data Analytics and Business Analytics is very popular program, and also because I did not take any statistic course in my university study. She suggested that she expand the program search a little wider and I should also consider programs likes information technology network security. It is proven to be true. She helped me applied for five college programs. Three of them are in Business Analytics, which were all rejected for exact the same reason that her concern is. She helped me applied for the other two program in Information Technology Network Security, one from Lawrence College and one from Conestoga College. I was accepted into both programs. At the end I chose Conestoga College. My study permit got approved. Now I have enrolled in the program and started study. I liked the program. I can not thank her more than enough. Because before I came to her, I contacted many immigration agencies in India, and none of them were able to give me as much instruction as Ms. Lin did. Ms. Lin is very professional and patient. I will recommend her to anyone who need admission to Canadian schools.

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