Ms. Molina

Author: Springwind Immigration Consulting Service Inc.. |

Ms. Molina comes from Philippines. She came as a live-in caregiver. After two years of work, she applied for PR and got approved. After she got married in Philippines, she submitted spousal sponsorship application so that her husband can join her in Canada. She did the application herself first time around and was refused. Immigration has made determination that her husband is an excluded family member. Ms. Molina did initial consultation with our firm immigration consultant Jenny Lin and retained our service. Here is what she wrote on google review for the service she received from us:

My husband's application history was quiet complicated. I did a DIY the first time we applied for spousal sponsorship and we got refused. I tried to find a consultant and I didn't like the solution they were telling me until I found Jen. She was very patient in getting every single detail for us to be able to present our application in a very good way. She was there all through out until the day we got approved. It only took about 5 months and now my husband is already in Canada. He arrived just in time for my second baby's delivery. All thanks to Jen!


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