Visitor Visa for general tourism and visiting relatives

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Visitor or Tourist visa application process starts with clear demonstration of your purpose of visit. Such as, (Tourism, Visit Family/Friends, Business Visit, or any other purpose you may have). Applications can be submitted online for faster processing. Processing time can be less than a month in some cases. Such types of application however have high rejection rate, especially if applicants are from developing countries. It is best to find a professional to help you with the application. Many travel agency offer such services. However, they are not legal professional. Giving your application at their hands could result in serious problem due to wrong advice or mistakes that they make. In certain circumstances, it could result in IRCC render the applicant misrepresentation. The Consequence of misrepresentation finding will bar you from applying to come to Canada for five years. Springwind Immigration will guide you prepare the best application you could possibly do under your particular circumstances.


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